“Go and make disciples of ALL nations…”

Matthew 28:19
Such a simple calling. Such simple instructions.

Jesus tells us to go. He says right in the Bible to love everyone. It doesn’t matter their background, their race, what they believe, or even what country they are from. My favorite line to use is “people who love Jesus aren’t racist.” It’s so true. Because if you truly love Jesus you will have His heart and you will love like Him. Growing up I always asked God to give me His heart…I asked Him to let me love like He loves. I wanted to love His people.
This summer God took me to Greece. It was life changing. I went to love on kids. It wasn’t a hard trip, it actually was more of vacation for me. He took me to rest in Him. And that’s exactly what I did. He showed me I have a heart for kids-working with kids brings me so much Joy. But He showed me I have a heart for a part of the world and a people group that as an American I was raised to not like. He’s slowly revealing to me how these two things will come together.
The question I get and the comments that are said-“Alyssa, I don’t understand how you want to go back to Turkey. You weren’t even there for 24 hours. There’s so much violence. How could you fall in love with a place that you barley spent any time in?”
There is only one logical answer. JESUS.
So how did I fall in love with Turkey when I spent all my time in Greece? Well when God took me to Greece, He took me through the Istanbul airport. And He took me through it 3 days before the attack happened there his summer and 5 days after the attack happened. When I first heard there was an attack at the airport my first reaction was heart break. I never was afraid. I felt odd. Like should I be scared? Should I fear going back? I even asked someone. What I wanted was to go and hug and love those people. Tell them it’s okay, tell them about a HOPE I have. A Hope in a savior who has overcome the world(John 16:33). But what I heard from everyone around me was don’t go back, reroute your flight. It’s not safe. Don’t get me wrong-i understand to be wise in your decisions. I would never claim Jesus’ protection and then run across I-10 thinking I won’t get hit by a car. That is not wise. But I do believe He will call you places that my not be “safe” for the worlds standards but He will be with you. When walking back through the airport as we were leaving I heard Him say, love them. These are my people. Learn about them. And show them who I am. Love them. He showed me how beautiful they are. These people are just people. And He loves them the same as you and me. He placed these people on my heart to love.
I know it’s crazy that an attack on an airport when you weren’t even there can do so much to your life, but again the only explanation I have is JESUS. He wants us to love like He loves and He wants us to spread the gospel to everyone. Everyone is welcome at the table.
I was reminded at church yesterday that sometimes God calls us places that the people around us don’t understand and even though it’s hard to leave the people you love, but you don’t say no to God.
“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Psalms 2:8

So I’m asking for the nations, and I’m asking you to ask with me.

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