Taking Risks

Sometimes I’m not sure if my thought process makes sense to others. Today is one of those days. Hope you enjoy and understand what God has given me to write…

“Are there risks to proclaiming the gospel to refugees? Sure there are. But where in the world did we get the idea that Christianity is without risks? Only in Americanized Christianity that prioritizes security in this world over proclamation of Gods word…As followers of Christ, self is no longer our God. Safety is no longer our concern. So let’s show this with our lives…”
“There’s coming a day when sin and suffering will be no more. There’s coming a day when wars and crisis will no longer exist and in this we place confident hope.”
-David Platt, Our Refugee Moment

Last week I listened to a podcast by David Platt. David explains very well exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. Why are we so concerned about our safety? When did we decide that being comfortable and just “making it” is what God wants us to do? Because God never told us to live a safe life. (And if that is in the Bible, could you please send that to me) He tells us to go. He tell us we are going to have trials, it’s going to be hard. (See John 16:33) Something that always bothers me is when I tell people I want to “go” or I am “going” their response is “honey, that’s not a safe country.” Or “you should go somewhere safer.” Excuse me? Is America safe? Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but it’s really not.
I understand being wise in decisions and where you go, but honestly what does a safe place even look like? How are we ever going to spread the Gospel to people who need to hear it if we never get out of our comfort zones of our Christian friends and church homes. Yes you need community, and you need your fellow believers. Community is key. That is not what I am saying. But if we don’t ever take risks in proclaiming the name of Jesus, how will people know we live for Him and His love is real?
If we live for Christ we live with a hope. A hope that so many people a looking for. If you just take a look at what is happening in the world so many people are searching. SO LET US TELL THEM! Why would we want to keep the good news to ourselves? We should want to go and tell others about JESUS. We should want them to have the freedom and forgiveness we have.
Today, there is great opportunity to proclaim the gospel. Let us not sit back. Let us take what God has given us to further His kingdom.

(If you have about 30 minutes I highly recommend listening to this David Platt podcast. It’s through The Gospel Coalition titled “Our Refugee Moment” if you’d like the link, I’d be happy to share.)

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