Pain, hurt, struggles

I’ve spent a lot of time alone lately. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s also not the best thing. When you spend too much time alone, that’s when Satan starts to attack. I like my alone time. I like to spend time by myself to read, watch tv, bake to refill myself. It’s also when I like to sit and listen to to the Lord. He calls us to spend time with Him. But when you’re not, Satan steps in. Life is crazy. Can I get an amen? And sometimes I tend to put my time with Jesus on the back burner. So when I spend too much time alone, and on top of that not enough time with Jesus, I start to sit in the lies. And I start to believe them. I begin to hurt. I begin to not feel confident. I begin to forget who I am.

Something I’ve talked about is struggling with feeling loved. One on one time is something I live for. It builds me up. I don’t mind being in larger groups but honestly that’s exhausting. And when I don’t get one on one time with friends and community, Satan starts talking.
So let’s combine all of these. Spending time alone, not spending time with Jesus, and not getting one one one time with certain people in my life. I bet you can guess with how I’ve been feeling lately and what Satan has been telling me. And when you’re not in the truth, how do you fight the lies?
This is the moment when you {I} need to completely press into God. I was reminded of why it’s important to spent time in Gods word. I dove back into the word and the lies broke off and fell to the ground. I heard God tell me to reach out to people, and I did, and then He moved. He trusted me in different circumstances. He showed me Himself by placing new people in my life. He opened doors to have conversations with people I have been praying about. And then He gave me some one on one time with a friend. We talked a lot. We spent some time soaking in God’s goodness. It was such a good reminder of God’s love for me. Just letting His love sink in and fight off the lies. To become reminded of the truth.
Just because I walk in the healing God has given me doesn’t mean I struggle. It’s a part of life. But God gives me {us} the power to fight back. It something I have to choose daily, to wake up and believe I am loved, and cherished by God. And sometimes it’s not easy. Honestly sometimes the lies are easier to believe, because it’s comfortable. But God. He knows exactly what we need and He will fight for you.
We must strive to live above our feelings and our doubts.

8 thoughts on “Pain, hurt, struggles

  1. Beautiful… absolutely positively BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Just like YOU! I think you need to spend some time soaking on the “Holy Spirit couch”… so I can remind you of God’s precise words to you in Zephaniah 3:17… HE DELIGHTS IN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you with ALL MY HEART!!!

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  2. Great post! You wrote about what so many struggle with (myself included) and like you said, so easy to do because it can be comfortable. I’m thankful you were uncomfortable enough to reach for the Lord and thankful that he’s a God who has victory over loneliness. Not today Satan!

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  3. Such a beautiful post! Please never forget how amazing you are! Your email made my day- Im so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet! I promise I’m not ignoring you!!!

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