Waiting & goodness

“The Lord is righteous in all his ways and faithful in all his acts.” Psalms 145:17

A little over a year ago God placed it on my heart to start this blog. And A LOT has happened in the past year. For those of you that have followed with me in my journey, you have been there with me while I have planned to follow Him to the ends of the earth. You’ve been there at my most vulnerable state letting you in on who I am. And you’ve seen me fall into the valley where I thought I would never be able to get out…but God.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to sit down and actually go through the thoughts in my head and write them out with out becoming a complete mess.

So here you go, now that we’re finally a whole month into the new year, here’s what God has spoken into my life for 2018. Let’s continue to journey together growing in Christ.

2017 was a hard year. It was one that pushed me and broke me. God brought new relationships into my life the He knew I needed. He strengthened friendships that I already had. He knew I needed these to walk with me and to help build me back up. And although there were so many times I wanted to give up, God proved Himself over and over again.

Truthfully, I’m entering this new year still completely broken and a mess. I don’t know what’s next for me. I don’t know where I’ll be in a month. I don’t know. I honestly feel like that’s the only thing I know how to say. I’ve been missing my bestfriend more than normal lately. The holidays are harder than you think when you’re missing the one person you loved more than anyone else, even yourself.

But I’m also entering this new year hopeful. Hopeful that there is something to come. That I will become more of who God has called me to be. That I become more open to whatever He has in store for me. And whatever this “something” is, that it will be better than I ever imagined. And hopeful that this pain I’ve experienced and gone through will be used, and that it won’t last forever. And open and willing to step out to whatever new adventures He has for me.

Going into this new year I asked God what He wanted me to rest in. Last year was the first year I asked for a word from him, and so I decided to ask again this year.

I kept hearing waiting and goodness.

He wants me to wait on Him, because His timing is perfect. And He wants me to see that He is good. He knows His children and He gives them just what they need when they need it.

So throughout this year, I ask that you pray for me and walk with me in waiting on the Lord and resting in His goodness.

“I am certain that I will see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart be courageous. Wait for the Lord.” Psalms 27:13&14

“How great is your goodness that you have stored up for those who fear you and accomplished in the sight of everyone for those who take refuge in you.” Psalms 31:19

 (Side note, during this time my soul has been longing to worship- I have been hooked on Matt Maher’s album Echoes. I highly recommend it if you are looking for some worship music and you haven’t listened to it yet.)

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